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IRISTAG Multi Purpose Wireless Device Tracker

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IRISTAG Multi Purpose Wireless Device Tracker

The new Iristag makes losing your valuables a thing of the past. Simply attach the tag to valuables such as bags, suitcases or even children and never lose track of them again. The location of whatever you have tagged can be quickly discovered when accessing the app on your smartphone, this brings up a detailed and accurate map using GPS triangulation displaying the location of both yourself and the tracker. 

An alarm can also be set to go off the moment a tagged item or individual strays farther than the pre-programmed distance. This enables users to always keep track of valuable and alert you in case of theft or the moment a child wanders too far away. Other features of the app make it possible to voice record, and operate the camera on your phone at a distance.


  • Remote voice recording & picture taking
  • Effective range of up to 75ft
  • Wireless phone & key finder
  • App alerts when tagged valuables / tagged individuals are moved out of range
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption technology
  • Smart parking - Helps you find your car

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